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From chocolate to cream; define your face with a brown palette

In Beauty, make up on April 25, 2013 at 4:51 pm

From chocolate to cream; define your face with a brown palette

We have said it before, and happily repeat ourselves: make-up for Spring Summer 2013 is a lot about natural looks and an undone, defined feeling. One variant of this trend is a sculpted look in different shades of brown. While the usual spring palette tends to contain sugary pastels; this season you are advised to stock up of coffee, taupe and beige.

This trend is all about defining and sculpturing cheekbones and eyes. There are different levels and aspects of the look; from smudged grunge to a polished take on glamour.Shades of brown cheeks and eyes roberto cavalli

The “brown” look starts with stunning cheek bones and one great product for creating a sculpted and defined feeling is MAC pro sculpting cream. Other alternatives would be a cream eye shadow or concealer which is notably darker than your skin-tone.

–          Before using your sculpting cream, apply liquid foundation and let it set. Do not use a powder foundation underneath a creamy product; it is bound to clash.

–          Use a make-up sponge or brush to apply the sculpting cream. Start underneath the cheek-bones where you want the shade to be the darkest. Suck your cheeks in to find the right area; or just “feel” the lower line of your cheek-bones with the make-up tool you are using.

–          Softly smudge out the sculpting cream and blend it into your skin/foundation to avoid sharp lines. Make sure to go all the way back to the hairline by your ears or temples.

–          Avoid taking the shade too far to the front. However, to give your face final definition, you can gently put an extra touch of cream underneath the front edge of your cheekbone. Don’t forget to blend it in carefully.

Shades of brown nude lips Prabal gurung

–          Contouring wants practice; take your time and work your shading until you have a natural but sculptured look.

There are so many ways to work a beautiful eye make-up with these kinds of hues. A novel look which goes well together with the lovely, sculpted cheek bones above is where you use a cream eye-shadow or sculpting cream to give your eye a hollow, contoured feeling. The process is similar to that of sculpturing your cheek-bones. Simply line your eye sockets with the sculpting cream, using a small make-up sponge. Make the shade slightly darker towards the eye and gradually lighter as you work your way out. Gently blend the cream into your skin/foundation and continue until you have a barely-there look with just added definition for the eye socket.

The sculpted look is a statement in itself and can easily be finished off with just some highlighter on top of the cheek-bones and nude lips. If you dare go “without” mascara, which gives an effortlessly summery feeling, just comb and curl your lashes and optionally apply transparent mascara for added definition.

You can also use powder products to create the sculpted make-up and in this case a matte bronzer is a great alternative. Nonetheless, a cream product may give a more professional touch and blend in even better with your skin.

Make sure to consider your own skin-tone when choosing what shades of brown to use. However, be aware that for your sculpting cream or cream eye shadow, you will need a hue that is significantly darker than your skin. If you are using a powder product, avoid those with shimmer for the sculpted look. In case you want a glittery touch, just finish off with a small amount of shimmer eye shadow.

Enjoy contouring! Remember that practice   makes perfection.Shades of brown no mascara Alexander Wang

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